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Underground Cave of My Mind
It has been a long time since I have been on here, and yet I find my self drawn back to the one place I can express myself without inhibition.

I... I don't know what I am right now, but I feel so restrained in my everyday actions and I find it hard to be the optomistic idealistic wondergirl that lives inside my heart

I had a dream last night- I was waiting to turn right into my imaginary subdivision and suddenly my car was engulfed by a sinkhole. I was sucked far under the surface completly encased in dark earth and I realized that my phone was dead so I couldn't call anyone to say goodbye, and as I sunk deeper, I realized that no one was ever going to find me. Of course I had fear adreneline coursing through my veins, but also... sadness... This is it, this is all I got to do.

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Dare to nibble
It's been a long while, and I find myself needing a more private space to express my thoughts and feelings than on facebook... Here I can write how I feel and restrict what I want without fear of political repercussions... its so very liberating...

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Current Peircing of Silence: "Breathe" Alexi Murdoch

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Book Review:
I LOVED this series- it was well worth the read. Hekat irritated me at times, but still I felt drawn to her and I admired her strength and perseverance. I admired her ability to not only survive, but find a way to triumph and strive in such a harsh reality. She is a remarkable character. If you “have faith” and read all the way through to the end of the series, you won't be dissapointed.
The beauty of these books are that they reveal humanity in all its grit.

Tough times demand harsh sacrifices. Although one man's god may appear to be another's demon, there is only one truth. It is not relative.
This book reveals humanities driving desire to do what is “right” even when misled/misguided. When the truth is revealed, all the pieces fall into place

Karen Miller manages to tell this tale without the inevitability that we often find in this genre. Even if it happens as we might have expected, it is subtly unveiled.

I just finished the last book in the Godspeaker trilogy "Hammer of God" and DAMN was that a good series. Excellent plot development, character development and satisfying ending. I LOVED it. Each of the three books followed a different character and reached its true climax at the end of the 3 books.

DON'T READ REVIEWS OF THE FUTURE BOOKS BEFORE READING THEM (It may give away plot you would otherwise enjoy seeing unveiled
Read book one "Empress" by Karen Miller without reading anything about the rest so you don't have the earlier twists spoiled for you. Trust me. The final book is worth the time of reading all three!

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I had a late 20's early 30's gay male couple with their toddler daughter come in. I thought they were straight, waiting for their wives at first, but they were waiting for the birth mother and her mom. They all had dinner at the cheesecake factory. All of them were caucasion. The baby was mixed, but fair skin- quite a cutey. Both men were attractive, upper middle class, and kind- One was intelligent, quite beefcake, and the other was cute slender sweetheart. They definitely functioned as a domestic couple, very understated. It was strangely... right. I believe in yin and yang and lifemates being two halves of one whole.

I just observed that in an entirely unexpected place.

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People ask what is the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day is officially meant to honour all those individuals "who served in one of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces, as well as remembering the U.S. troops who died in past and present wars"

Memorial Day officially "commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in military service to their country," but is often used as a day of remembrance for any loved one who has passed on.

A friend commented about being thanked for their service when they have not been on the ground in the sandbox with rifle in hand engaging the enemy. This was my response:

"There are many ways to serve. One doesn't have to be in the the thick of battle to be a veteran. In fact the proper term for an inactive marine who is not retired and not in the reserves is "Marine Vet" you are a Marine Veteran. You earned the title. The fact that you were willing to give up so many freedoms and put on a uniform to protect the freedoms of others is a big deal. Whether you ended up in the sand box or not, You served. Never forget."
Let us just be thankful that our service did not involve losing a limb, or our lives.

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Happy Birthday, (Belated) fellow Marines! I thought I'd share with you a jody call that we used to sing while marching back in the day that seems to be just as appropriate today as ever. I don't know if you perhaps have heard it or even sung it; whenever I sing it, it takes me back to my roots.

All the way to Beirut
and on to Afghanistan
There's a US Marine
and he's killin' what he can!
He jumps out of an airplane
he flies through the sky,
You can tell a Marine
by the look in his eye!

Somewhere there's a mother
and she's cryin' for her son
Now he's a US Marine
and he's killin' just for fun.

Somewhere there's a woman
and she's cryin' for her love
But he's a US Marine,
bringin' death from above.

But don't you cry him no tears,
he don't need your symthathy.
He's a US Marine
and that's what he wants to be.

So early in the morning
and every now and then,
Say a prayer for a Marine;
he's doin' the best he can!

Say a prayer for a Marine;
he's doin' the best that he can!

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Whoever one voted for, Obama's face is an inspiring thing. It symbolizes the breaking of a glass cealing in the country that has really been progressing since non-caucasions were allowed into the military.

Obama isn't black- he is brown, AND he is ethnically mixed. Self identified "Black" people around the country don't get a monopoly on him. He is the American president- "a mutt (mixed breed)" (his own words) like the rest of us.
I wish people would say that he is the first minority president, or non-white president or mixed. "Black" is just another polarizing, exclusive term. Just as thought effects word, word effects thought.

One step at a time, right?

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I have been sick with the flu this weekend and the first part of the week. It has SUCKED AND I lost my mobile (the battery died, but it is somewhere in my house) I can't wait for our halloween party on the 1st of November!!!! If you are going to be in the area, let me know and I will send you the details!! (this applies to my friends, not to random visitors- tho who would randomly visit me after I have neglected my blog for so long, I don't know)

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it has been a long time, but I want to get back into going dancing weekly. I taked to the hubby and he is down. I think we are going to try out Habana Village. It looks pretty chill, and it has two things that equal fun: mojitos and salsa lessons. :) Friday night here we come...

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Applying for a new job is painfully tedious- especially when you have four different companies interested in you at the same time... I HATE job apps...

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